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Emotional Intelligence Self-Evaluation

The purpose of this self-evaluation is to measure your tendencies and abilities within various areas of emotional intelligence. The Emotional Intelligence Self-Evaluation measures Daniel Goleman’s five areas of emotional intelligence. In the space provided next to each of the following statements, please write in the number that best describes your agreement with the item, using the scale immediately below.

1 = Disagree Very Much   3 = Disagree Slightly   5 = Agree Moderately
2 = Disagree Moderately   4 = Agree Slightly   6 = Agree Very Much
1 2 3 4 5 6
I use both negative and positive emotions as a source of wisdom about how to navigate my life.
Negative feelings help me to address what I need to change in my life.
I have the ability to monitor my feelings from moment to moment.
When the time is right, I face my negative feelings and work through what the issue is.
Knowing my true feelings is crucial to my well-being.
People who are aware of their true feelings are better pilots of their lives.
I am calm under pressure.
I am in charge of how I feel.
After something has upset me, I find it easy to regain my composure.
I do not recycle and dwell on negative emotions.
I am capable of soothing myself after an upsetting event.
I can easily shake off negative feelings.
When challenged, I am good at getting calm and focused to flow with life's demands.
When challenged, I am able to summon a wide range of positive emotions such as fun, joy, fighting spirit, and humor.
I am able to motivate myself to try and try again in the face of setbacks.
I try to be creative with life's challenges.
I can easily enter into a "zone" state, or a state characterized by calmness, alertness, and focus.
I can easily set negative feelings aside when called upon to perform.
I am effective at listening to other people's problems.
I am sensitive to the emotional needs of others.
I am good at understanding the emotions of other people, even when the emotions are not directly expressed.
I am adept at reading people's feelings by their facial expressions.
I am aware of subtle social signals that indicate what others need.
I am strongly attuned to others' feelings.
I have a calming influence on other people.
I respond appropriately to other people's moods, motivations, and desires.
People view me as an effective coach for others' emotions.
I am often able to improve the moods of others.
I am a good person to come to for advice about handling relationships.
I help others use their motivations to achieve their personal goals.

Personal Results Analysis

Wyndham Mills provides more personal, in-depth interpretation of your results upon request. If you would like for a Personal Executive Coach from Wyndham Mills to contact you regarding your results, please provide your contact information below:

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