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WMI’s Unique Onboarding System

WMI offers a combination of reality-based business coaching and efficient tools for integrating new hires into the organization. WMI’s tools and content are designed to focus on work-relevant behaviors. This approach equips the hiring organization to leverage a new hire’s strengths on day one and to focus development efforts and resources in areas needing attention. Onboarding begins before the hiring decision and continues for several months afterward.

Objectives of Executive Onboarding:

  • Immediately identify the skills most critical to leading in the new role.
  • Rapidly evaluate the new executive's team to assess the present talent and fill any gaps to ensure success.
  • Accelerate the learning curve so that the executive's leadership tone and style are quickly matched to the new role and informed by the new culture.
  • Develop collaborative relationships with key stakeholders and gain a robust understanding of others' organizational point of view.
  • Gain understanding of both the "formal" and "informal" decision making power in the organization.
  • Deliver early results to establish credibility.
  • Support new executives who are challenged with leading change in difficult environments with tactics and strategies for success.

Coaching Impact:

  • The new executive delivers business results by focusing on key points of leverage in their new role.
  • He/she is quickly aligned with and integrated into the new culture.
  • Emotional intelligence and effective communication strategies yield strong business relationships and boosts team morale.
  • The groundwork for sustainable break-through business results is established.
  • Teams are motivated and inspired to take action in support of the new executive's initiatives.
  • Organizations can use Onboard Coaching to attract higher caliber candidates, and as a tactic to improve retention and maintain business flow during times of change.

Our Reality-Based Strategy Focused Business Coaching Process Offers:

  • Executive coaching focused on quickly maximizing bottom-line business results through leadership excellence and break-through thinking.
  • Proven proprietary coaching process personalized for the individual and the challenges of the new role.
  • Totally confidential one-on-one coaching sessions that build trust and integrity of relationship between coach and employee, supporting the employee’s ability to have immediate impact in his/her new role.
  • Proven track record coaching business leaders to think and act beyond existing limits and paradigms.

Take courses on how to be a better leader, build a better team, and become a better candidate.


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