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Unique Search Process

Over the last 15 years, Wyndham Mills has established a reputation as an energetic, customer-first company that knows the search business. The results show our success: 90% of all offers made to WMI candidates are accepted; 85% of all candidates we've placed remain employed by the hiring company.

Our search process begins with a thorough discussion of your company's needs, conducted by a WMI Search Consultant with recruiting experience in your particular field.

Our goal is to clarify and establish your hiring objectives, determine the desired skill set and experience level, and understand the organizational relationships that influence the candidate selection process. We then prepare a written position specification to guide the search process, outlining the position's responsibilities, ideal qualifications and criteria for success. It also includes a hiring timeline based on an acceptable deadlines. WMI will form a specific search team under the guidance of your search consultant and begin the process of researching and identifying candidates.

Your assigned WMI search team researches our database and networks with appropriate contacts to identify qualified, available, interested candidates. As research progresses, your WMI search consultant regularly keeps you abreast of developments surrounding the search.

Once potential candidates are identified, each is carefully evaluated to ensure the proper experience level and appropriate cultural "fit" within your organization. Each will be evaluated across a broad array of criteria. WMI utilizes several leading-edge assessments as part of our evaluation process. Your search consultant will interview qualified candidates and provide a written and confidential, proprietary summary on the top candidates.

Your search consultant also contacts individual references for additional insight on each candidate’s qualifications. Confidential summaries with pertinent information on each of the selected top candidates are prepared for your review. After your review of the candidate summary, WMI will schedule meetings convenient and appropriate for both you and the candidates, arranging travel as needed. After each interview your consultant contacts both you and the candidate to discuss the next appropriate step.

As you move into the offer/counter-offer/acceptance stages, your consultant continues to work as an integral part of the process, providing guidance to bring the search to a successful conclusion. Our relationships with nationwide real estate organizations help us expedite relocation arrangements, if needed, and prepare cost of living profiles on your behalf.

By establishing attractive and honest expectations, our searches and negotiations produce mutually beneficial and successful relationships.

Once a candidate is selected and hired, WMI provides our proprietary 3-month Onboarding program to enable the new hire to be productive from the very start.


Take courses on how to be a better leader, build a better team, and become a better candidate.


More and more, hiring companies are using assessments to evaluate emotional fit. Receive more information on this valuable assessment by email below.

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