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Wyndham Mills International has over 15 years of experience in providing expert executive coaching, strategic planning, and team building to organizations and individuals. Choose below to find out more about our approach to areas of leadership development.

Reality Based/Strategy Focused Executive Coaching
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Team Building

Change Initiatives and Project Management using our Proprietary Strategic Intention System

Most executives do a good job of communicating a strong sense of urgency to effect change and move people out of their comfort zones. This often launches a flurry of activities in the right direction to start with. However, sustaining the quality and level of activities is a different ball game.

  • For the abstraction that is called business, it requires more than organizational structure, incentives and job descriptions to have a multitude of people work in a concerted manner towards a common objective -- it requires a shared vision. It is one, in which everybody has a role to play, everybody clearly understands his or her role, and everyone knows "what is in it for me?"
    - Having a shared vision and communicating it well are essential in galvanizing a workforce to come together and stay together, during the process of change.
  • New Vision/Old Constraints - doing the same old thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. As much as new tools and a new roadmap empowers people to do things differently, systemic constraints -- be it organizational structure or reward system -- if not addressed adequately can seriously damage the credibility of the effort and make cynics out of employees.
    - Actions to confront big roadblocks early in the deployment phase can do the magic of boosting morale and providing momentum to overcome psychological hurdles throughout the organization.
  • Our Proprietary Integrated Strategy Intention System (ISIS) is a foundational leadership development system for any situation you encounter. It is a map that takes you from where you are to where you need to be. The ISIS Developmental System is a strategy-focused approach that engenders support and provides strategic clarity and buy-in. Because of the focus on strategy, the system is extremely efficient over time and is effective at creating high impact change and delivering impactful and sustainable business results.

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