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Why Wyndham Mills?


Wyndham Mills International is better, special, and different than other search and leadership development firms, because...

We're all about service.

As a contemporary, independent search firm, we're able to provide flexibility, expediency and personal service. We're free of the bureaucratic layers that typically complicate and slow down the search process. With WMI, it's just you and your search consultant in a focused, dynamic partnership, supported by an experienced, determined search team.

We know the search business.

You simply won't find a firm that understands the business better—or has as many resources—as WMI. Our search consultants offer skill, experience and trade contacts, and they possess the professional polish to communicate effectively with the highest-level executives.

We have the resources.

Our extensive database and international networking capabilities are just two of the tools we use to find appropriate candidates. We're actively involved in industry trade shows, attend conferences, and maintain a presence at major industry gatherings in order to continue building relationships.

We give the term "qualified" new meaning.

Typical search firms define qualified as anything from a warm body with vaguely appropriate credentials to a "tire kicker" whose desire to change jobs is questionable. At WMI, our candidates are qualified if—and only if—their industry knowledge, experience, interpersonal skills and motivation match your requirements. Finally, they must be currently available to make a career change and genuinely interested in working for you.

We respond quickly.

You'll begin meeting with qualified individuals in 45 days or less of our initial consultation. No surprises. All WMI search fees are established before a search is executed. That means no unexpected monthly expenses for research time, materials or miscellaneous "project management" tasks.


Take courses on how to be a better leader, build a better team, and become a better candidate.


More and more, hiring companies are using assessments to evaluate emotional fit. Receive more information on this valuable assessment by email below.

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