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Organizational Alignment/Assessments

For years, most organizational pundits have known that it is not how much you know but how well you relate to other people both inside and outside the organization that really matters.

  • Utilizing our underlying frame-work of assessments which are designed to assess team and individual business leadership and management skills we enable you to determine the extent to which you possess the transformational leadership to improve bottom line results and if your organization is aligned and ready to accomplish those results.

Our leading edge assessments include:

  • The Birkman - providing comprehensive developmental information in four important domains...individual interests, usual behavior, basic needs and stress behavior.
  • The Emotional Competence Inventory – revealing insights around the important areas of self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness and relationship management.
  • MBTI – defining personality preference…which determines ones approach to communicating, decision making, and change and conflict management.
  • The TKI – detailing information on how one handles conflict.
  • The Reiss Profile – defines why individuals do what they do…generates information regarding core desires and sales motivation.
  • DISC – provides information on control, dominance, change catalyst and propensity to conform.
  • LSI – pinpoints learning style.
  • PIAV – delineates the ability for self control.

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